"How To Make Your Function Motivational, Entertaining, Inspirational, And Fun - Guaranteed!"

Dear Friend If you want to guarantee that you¡¦re upcoming function will be loads of fun, make it so memorable that people will talk about it for weeks afterwards, and be a hero at your company, then I might be able to help you.

My name is Conny Torney. I'm a professional speaker and entertainer whose clients include Ogdens, Band Booking Centre, Sheraton Hotel, and John Hughes, just to name a few.

Motivation + Entertainment = Amazingly Successful Memorable Moments!

During my "Success Magic!" presentation, I utlilize audience involvement, dynamic magic, and amazing mindreading as "visual aids" to illustrate a proven success System. By combining motivation with entertainment you get an enjoyable program that has lasting impact, makes your group sit up and take notice, and makes your function unforgettable.

Who Else Wants To Get Outstanding Results Like These?

Check out what some of my clients have to say:

"Outstanding!" "Thank you for the outstanding job you do every Saturady night at our venue. Your presence here certainly leaves lots of memorable moments in the room. I would gladly recommend your to any organization who wants to create more excitement and enthusiasm among their venues." ¡V Vince Ogdens Hotel

"Impressive" "With great pleasure, I write to you to thank you for the outstanding survey results.Your clients all just loved the way you kept the audiences enthralled with your entertaining magical skills coupled with your comedy. Your results were outstanding." ¡V Chris Bloor, Manager of the Quality Business Institute.

"Remarkable" "Conny Torney is a marvel. Her fast-paced presentation at our recent staff party was an unqualified hit. Conny has a remarkable ability to deeply involve her audience, both volunteers and spectators in a most engaging and exciting way. I would recommend Conny Torney without reservation to any group or company in search of a sure-fire program that will create a lasting memory and extremely positive reactions to all those who experience it."- Des Moyle Ebtide Finance

"Great" "Many thanks for your great performance at our Shopping Centre You provided a real "added value" and extra dimension to the entire program."-Joy Haking- Ballajura City Shopping Centre

Yes, you will be thrilled with my presentation just like those folks. In fact, I literally guarantee it. I¡¦ll give you more details about my killer guarantee in just a few minutes.

Available At Last: A No Nonsense 5 Step System That Will Help You Reach Your Goals At Lightning-Like Speed!

During my 45-60 minute "Success Magic!" presentation, you and your group will discover a PROVEN, easy to follow Success System that will help you achieve your goals faster than you can imagine.

This System is based on fundamental core principles of success without any of the new age, neuro-linguini, mumbo-jumbo stuff that so many motivational speakers are now pushing, and quite frankly most people are getting a little tired of hearing. Check out a sampling of the exciting things you will discover during my fun and entertaining "Success Magic" presentation:

„X A step-by-step system for making more money

„X How to reach your goals at lightning like speed

„X How to unleash your inner power

„X The ultimate success secret

„X A secret technique that'll help you get results faster than ever before

„X How to automatically "program" yourself for success

„X Much more!

YES!, You Can Have An Amazing Function

You and your group will be on the edge of your seats as each of the "Success Magic!" core principles are illustrated with eye-popping demonstrations of magic and mindreading. Here¡¦s a sampling of what you¡¦ll experience:

„X Pieces of your company¡¦s brochure or sales material instantly and visibly transform into a pile of real money!

„X The entire audience is hypnotized into believing that their finger-tips are stuck together!

„X A prediction regarding three goals your group sets during the presentation is shown to be 100% correct!

„X The power of visualization is dramatically illustrated as you or one of your salespeople apparently reads someone else's mind!

„X The saying "Whether you believe you can do something or cannot doing something-you're right" is proven when a half-dollar magically ends up inside a small glass Coke bottle!

Remember, that these entertaining demonstrations reinforce the motivational strategies revealed in the presentation. This helps your people remember the strategies, use them, and get measurable results.

The Amazing "Tear Up Your Check" Guarantee:

I guarantee you will be thrilled to when your group is laughing, clapping, smiling, and participating, during my presentation. You will be amazed at how energized, attentive, and excited your group will be after they participate in "Success Magic!" energized, attentive, and excited your group will be after they participate in "Success Magic!"

I also guarantee you will be thanked, get applause, and be a hero for putting on one of the best functions ever.

These are not just hollow words. I put my money where my mouth is.

If at the end of my presentation, you don¡¦t feel it was worth every penny and more, I¡¦ll tear up your check and you get the program for free!

You have NO RISK. Zero. None. Nada.

I can make this bold guarantee because in 15 years NO ONE has ever asked for their money back ¡V not one. In fact many corporations use my services again and again.

If you don¡¦t want to feel like the cat that let the mouse get out of the bag

And want to make your next function a success you can book Conny by either:

1) filling in the rapid fax back form 2) Emailing us back at conny@tpg.com.au 3) Or phoning through a booking on 9291 9009 or 0411 145 500