Some mother’s do have them

You can have a choice of any of these:!

Frank Spencer!

Some mothers do have them but when they turn out like Frank Spencer all hell breaks loose. Accidents are his middle name and talk about bad luck that won’t even follow him. Frank has no luck in what ever he does but he never gives up and is always trying to please Beatty and fix his mistakes that only seem to get worse. Poor Frank!

An officer and a not so gentleman!

If you want to be swept off your feet by a man in uniform, this able body seaman will take control of your crew and get everything into ship shape swabbing the decks, ready for the ship to take off to the open seas. Arr cause there will be some singing and dancing to be had!

Phantom of the Opera!

Say no more. Let him into your mind and go on a journey to another place in time, Where the Phantom will hypnotize and mesmerize you by enchanting songs and stories as someone dreams and their past suddenly comes back to haunt them! To book any of the Fran type charaters Call Conny on 9291 9009 or mobile 0411 145 500 email me at